"There are moments when the world slows down for us, when time expands so that we can feel, see, smell acutely that instant, and we become aware that these few moments will change our life. I had a thousand thoughts that stopped rushing for a few minutes - just long enough for me to swim four laps of the pool that would play host to the Olympics of the millennium."

This is Nadine's story. It takes you inside the raw emotion of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the shock of a broken neck and the struggle to find balance in a life driven by the search for the perfect race. A candid and fresh insight into the world of elite-level swimming from the dream to the aftermath, this is a story about an ordinary girl who wanted something extraordinary; a story about striving, about growing and learning from life, whatever it may hold.

"Get ready to leap out of your seat, shed a tear, giggle stupidly, and punch the air. This story will take you on a unique journey through the world of elite sport. Nadine's journey should be essential reading for anyone contemplating life as an elite sportsperson. Nadine wasn't one of Australia's fastest or most successful swimmers, but she just might be one of the most courageous."    - Duncan Armstrong - Olympian, Sports Presenter
 "I wanted to share how I finally recognised that I was justified in experiencing tears, frustration, fear and insecurity because it is harder to be the king-maker than the king. It was all going to be part of my story, as were the times when my boy could change my mood completely simply by finding my desperate cries for help side-splittingly hilarious, or when I woke to the smiling little face beside me, gazing lovingly into my eyes while the little fingers of one hand grabbed my bottom lip and the little fingers of the other prodded as far as they could up my nose.
Yes, it was all going to be part of an engaging tale we could all relate to, but my 5½ month old baby boy wouldn’t let me write it."

In this collection of personal reflections, Emma Brooks explores some of the questions we all face as First-Time Mums:  I can’t believe they think I’m ready to take my baby home—can’t they see
that I don’t have even the slightest idea what I’m doing? What is all this screaming about? Why do I feel like I’m being judged by strangers? You will see, from these pages, that you are not alone.

The perfect gift to welcome a new mother to the sisterhood of motherhood - where everything goes!
As we prepared for the birth of our second child, I wrote a story to help smooth the way for our son. It was an instant hit - he was the hero in his very own story! And, on the day he woke up to find Mummy and Daddy gone, he knew that the baby was coming, that Mummy and Daddy were at the hospital, that Nanna and Papa would come to look after him and that he would visit Mummy and Baby in hospital for a few days before they came home. He was 20 months old and completely stress-free.

Toddler Transitions help kids navigate and adapt to a wide variety of new and challenging situations such as a new baby, big brother/sisterhood, toilet training, moving to a new home, and starting daycare. The books feature your photos, a story tailered to your specific needs, a focus on the positive changes that your brave hero will make, child-friendly language, they presented like a “real book”, and once the transition is made, you have a keepsake you can look back on for years to come.


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