How do you do it?

How do you do it?

Sunday, March 05, 2017


Nadine Neumann


  1. Today...
    09 May, 2017
  2. How "it" gets done.
    02 Apr, 2017
    How "it" gets done.
    It has been a long time since my last post... I guess because I've been busy doing "it" - that elusive "everything" that people wonder "how" about. As a result, I have found myself in the midst of a mini-slump just before I head off on a super cool camping adventure with my band of teenage charges. It's been a hectic time and I know the upcoming week will be magic, but when the three minutes of toilet time idleness involves scrolling through a social media feed that bombards you with other
  3. Morning mantra
    12 Mar, 2017
    Morning mantra
    wI cannot remember when this routine started; it has been part of me for eons. It came from somewhere I cannot remember. I started each race with it - splashing myself with the water, focusing my mind on the blue, settling my body, connecting with the space where I was going to just be. It was my pause before the rush; that moment of mindfulness before entering a world of intuitive response. Now, it seems, each day is an event worthy of this prayer.
  4. Together we stand
    19 Feb, 2017
    Together we stand
    It's been a funny old week. A big one. It's involved melt-downs, arguments, power struggles, hip replacements, deep confessions, runaways, poor judgements, hospitalisations, liquid lungs, and even a kid being left behind. The kind of week you'd rather leave behind in a good bottle of bubbles... if it weren't such as waste of good bubbles. But I've come out relatively unscathed, and for a  while I couldn't really understand why. I mean, I'm drowning in work, my kids are babies, my husband has
  5. Keeping it real
    05 Feb, 2017
    Keeping it real
    Facebook is a fraud. I know it. And yet I am haplessly sucked into its nipped and tucked editions of reality time and time again. Each time I find myself slipping down that shiny lie of perfect breakfasts against funky-hipster-organic-espresso-bar backdrops, cheerful children embracing beaming parents, rollicking laughter of BFFs after the most fantasmagorical 25k run ever #lovemylife, I feel compelled to post something about the pre-chewed vegemite crust I had for breakfast amid unfolded
  6. All that glitters
    29 Jan, 2017
    All that glitters
    Don't believe the interview with the gracious loser on TV. As long as eyes are on them, they are swearing under their breath as much as you would be, and behind closed doors they weep and rage like children. They are human, and only become heroic when they vow to try again... just like you do. Every day.
  7. Hindsight
    15 Jan, 2017
    Have you ever looked back on something you wrote a long time ago, a journal, a letter, a *cringe* ode to your secret love? Did you cringe, or wonder or laugh out loud? I have about twelve thousand copies of my wildly under-publicised memoir in my garage (if you want a copy of Wobbles, click here). Ok, so twelve thousand might be a small exaggeration, but when it's your life story rather than copies of the masters sitting on the shelf, it looks overwhelmingly like demons from the past waiting